We are not accepting applications for the July-December 2023 cycle. Please check back for an update on when Rep Matters will reopen to applications. Thanks for your interest, and be well.

The Program

How it works:

Two-person teams of editors (one senior and one junior) volunteer to be mentors to self-identified BIPOC who are considering a career in publishing. The program is currently focused on editorial only, but may expand to other areas of publishing in the future.

What the mentor-mentee relationship looks like: 

Mentees meet, either in person or by phone, with two mentors—a senior editor and a junior editor. Over the course of six months, each mentee will have a total of six meetings (three with their senior mentor and three with their junior mentor). These conversations can be informational interviews, q&a sessions, or whatever is most useful to the mentee, who sets the tone of the conversation. This is the required minimum, but the relationship can grow from there and mentors may help mentees with any of the following: crafting resume and cover letters, making connections with other industry professionals, job recommendations, advice about breaking into the industry, etc. If and when mentees get hired, the relationship can continue informally.

Why two mentors:

The program aims to address dual needs of the mentee. The senior mentor can help the mentee by recommending them for open positions and share information based on years of experience, while the junior mentor can give more current insight about what it’s like to be an assistant and practical, on-the-ground advice. This can also be an opportunity for senior and junior staff who don’t work directly together to get to know one another.