Emergency Alert!
Due to COVID-19 and the potential impact on our industry, we have chosen to suspend the July-December 2020 mentoring cycle. All applications submitted for this cycle will be considered for the January-June 2021 cycle unless personally withdrawn. We're a volunteer-run organization, and we're grateful for your patience and cooperation. We look forward to facilitating meaningful industry connections in 2021.

Our Mission

Why we created this program:

Representation matters. According to Lee and Low’s 2015 Diversity Baseline Survey, only 21% of publishing staff describe themselves as African-American, Native American/Alaskan Native, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Middle Eastern, or Multiracial. And in Publisher’s Weekly’s 2018 Publishing Industry Salary Survey, just 14% of respondents identified as people of color.

Guiding Principles:

An industry that contributes to the cultural conversation, and often creates it, should reflect the culture.  An industry that is in service to artists and cultural consumers should strive to offer opportunities for all.  It’s not just about being fair; it’s about keeping the publishing industry relevant, viable, and the source of the best possible books.

Who we are:

A small, all-volunteer group of editors at Big Five and independent publishing houses who feel strongly about making a difference in this aspect of the publishing industry.