For Publishing Professionals interested in participating

Does RMMP include any other departments beyond editorial?
While we would love to expand to other departments like design, marketing, and sales, and hope to do so in the future, for now, RMMP is only for editorial.

How do I know if I am eligible to become a mentor for RMMP? What do I need to do to become a mentor?
If you are an editor working full-time for a book publishing company with national sales distribution, you are eligible to be a mentor. If you’re interested in becoming one, please e-mail us directly at rmmprogram (at) gmail (dot) com. In your message, please let us know where you work, what your role is there, and what kinds of books you work on or are most interested in (i.e. age categories, genres, favorite authors on your list or that you admire).

I work in Human Resources. How can I make sure my company is represented in RMMP?
Because RMMP is volunteer-based and editorial-only, we do not recruit via HR departments. However, editors at your company may already be mentors in the program! RMMP’s database of editors represents over 25 different companies across children’s, teen, and adult book publishing, and is growing all the time.

Who is behind RMMP?
RMMP was founded by a small group of editors at New York City publishing houses. Since the program’s founding in September 2016, its coordination team has expanded to include allies from the design and marketing departments. It has two committees to review applications—one for children’s and teen publishing, one for adult—made up of junior and senior level editors from multiple companies.