For Applicants

Are there deadlines for applications, and when should I send in my materials?
Our program takes place in two cycles of six months each, one beginning in January and the other beginning in June. The deadline to be considered for the January cycle is October 1; the deadline for the June cycle is April 1. Applications received after the cutoff dates will automatically be considered for the next cycle.

How long will I have to wait for my application to be processed?
It depends when you send it. If you send it just before a cutoff date, you may hear back within a few weeks. If you send it just after a cutoff date, you could wait up to seven months.

Why does it take RMMP so long to process applications?
Our entire staff is made up of volunteers who work full-time in the publishing industry.

Is RMMP open to applicants outside the U.S.?
RMMP was founded in New York City and, while we have mentors who work at publishers outside New York, we don't have any mentors based outside the U.S. This means that any connections mentees make through the program will be solely in the U.S. publishing world.

One of the primary goals of the program is to help mentees land jobs in the book publishing industry, and because all the mentors are U.S. based, any job opportunities that mentors might recommend their mentees for are also based in the U.S.

All that being said, if you live outside the U.S. and still feel the program would be beneficial to you, and you envision yourself potentially one day working in the U.S. publishing industry, our doors are open to your application.

Is RMMP open to current undergraduate students?
RMMP is open to current undergraduate seniors. If you are a first, second, or third-year college student, please consider applying when you are closer to graduating and entering the job market.

Is RMMP open to students (or non-students) under age eighteen?
In keeping with hiring practices at publishing houses, RMMP is only for applicants eighteen years of age or older.

If I don’t have any professional publishing experience, should I still send my resume?
Yes, please still include your resume with your application. Knowing more about your professional experiences can help us make a better mentor-mentee match, and your resume may include experiences and skills that are relevant to publishing in ways you may not have considered.

Does RMMP include any kinds of publishing other than book publishing, like magazines or digital media?
At this time, RMMP is solely for people seeking careers in the book publishing industry. We offer mentoring in the following areas: children’s and teen, adult, comics and graphic novels, and academic publishing.

Who is behind RMMP?
RMMP was founded by a small group of editors at New York City publishing houses. Since the program’s founding in September 2016, its coordination team has expanded to include allies from the design and marketing departments. It has two committees to reviews applications—one for children’s and teen publishing, one for adult—made up of junior and senior level editors from multiple companies.