We are not accepting applications for the July-December 2023 cycle. Please check back for an update on when Rep Matters will reopen to applications. Thanks for your interest, and be well.

Desiree Diaz Kaplan

I first discovered RMMP when I stumbled across an article about the program online. I was excited to finally find a program where I could build meaningful relationships with professionals in the publishing industry.

Before being accepted into the program, I had been trying to meet publishing professionals through my school networks, but it was a painstaking process. As someone who is shifting careers and changing industries, I was starting worry that networking opportunities were only available for new college graduates and I was on my own.

RMMP was a breath of fresh air that gave me the opportunity I was looking for. Not only did they link me up with helpful mentors right away, but the application process was simple and straightforward.

I was assigned a mentor from Hachette and another one from Macmillan. Both women helped me learn so much about the publishing industry through their personal experiences and advice. From our very first meeting, my mentors were great at brainstorming with me on how to reach my career goals. One of my mentors even brought copies of the books she was working on as gifts. It might not sound like a big deal, but receiving actual books she edited made me feel even closer to the publishing process.

Over the course of a few months, I met with each mentor individually at their offices. Seeing their workplaces was such a unique “backstage” experience which I wouldn't typically have been able to access without them. The visits also gave me such great insight into each company’s unique culture.

One of the best things about my RMMP mentors was their willingness to read my cover letters and resumes. I have never worked in publishing, so it was very helpful to get meaningful and specific feedback from people who know which strengths are important to highlight. My mentors were also amazing about always sending open job role notifications my way when something relevant popped up on their radar. They even gave me a heads up whenever they heard of useful networking events. I always jumped on the opportunities and appreciated having the extra eyes and ears out there.

RMMP also hosted a happy hour event for the mentors and mentees which was a great experience. I was curious to see what the members of the program might be like and was able to meet many impressive publishing professionals.

If you’re interested in a career in publishing and aren’t sure of how to break into the industry, I highly recommend RMMP. I only wish I had heard of it sooner.

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